Antiquariat Struck


Address: Spandauer Str. 29 • 10178 Berlin
Contact: Phone (030) 242 72 61 • E-Mail: info@antiquariat-struck.de
Web: www.antiquariat-struck.de
Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00 • Sat 10:00 – 16:00

Antiquariat Struck is an antiquarian bookseller with almost 40 years of experience: founded in 1974 in Mainz, and since 1994 located in the historic center of Berlin – the Nikolai Quarter.

Struck is one of the largest antique graphic stores in Germany, specializing in old city views and maps, antiquarian books and decorative graphics.

The customer base consists of international collectors from all continents, among them are friends of old graphics of Berlin and Potsdam. The current catalog “Antique prints of Berlin and Potsdam” is dedicated to this specific topic. A unique collection which includes the first printed views of buildings and squares of Berlin. Among the most impressive works are 20 printed graphics by painter and engraver J. G. Rosenberg.

The Nikolai Quarter is still home to many historic buildings, including the oldest church in Berlin – St. Nicholas Church. And just a few steps away, visitors get the chance to explore history – not only the history of graphics printing. Looking at the antique prints and maps of Berlin, the historic center of the old city comes to life, turning a visit to Antiquariat Struck into an impressive experience.

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