Shopping in the Nikolai quarter is always something special. If you are tired of the major shopping centers, we will not let you down in Nikoloiviertel. Here individuality matters, with products that you’ll find nowhere else. A shopping experience where you enjoy personal service with extravagant offerings, partly from own production.

Here your fine tastes satisfied, whether you are a lover of fine Meissen porcelain, looking for a special picture or finest decorative fabrics and home accessories. Do you want to quench your thirst for knowledge and browse through old engravings and maps, looking trendy designer fashion or do you need a talisman? You won’t just return home with your purchases home, but with a story to tell…

Here are our special recommendations:

rohleder wohnraumuhren


schroeder rotating-fischer-mode-4

And there’s more: Antiquariat Struck (Spandauer Str. 29), Bell!Die Boutique & das Café (Am Nußbaum 8), bellanatur – Mode Design Kunsthandwerk (Propststraße 3), BubblyBerlin (Propststr. 11), Buchladen St. Nikolai (Rathausstraße 17), Charlotte P. Accessoires (Propststraße 1/Eingang Am Nußbaum), Cubanacan International (Spreeufer 6), Die Puppenstube (Propststraße 4), Eheberatung Frank Knospe (Spreeufer 2), Erzgebirgischer Weihnachtsmarkt (Propststraße 8), Galerie Michael Strobel Spreeufer 6), Geschenke u. Souvenire aus aller Welt (Propststraße 4), Goldelse Your Shirt (Rathausstraße 19), Grand Hand (Rathausstraße 19), Gromada Reisebüro (Spreeufer 6), Haartick (Poststraße 13/14), Kleines Märchen (Propststraße 1), Klöppelstube (Rathausstraße 21), KOM art&design (Am Nußbaum 8), KugelEi und KugelEi Cafe (Poststraße 12), Kunsthaus Lempertz (Poststraße 21), MY LASER GLASS (Propststraße 1), Nicolai Coiffeur (Propststraße 1), PRAMO, Modeboutique (Poststraße 2), Schmuck- und Kunsthandwerk (Am Nußbaum 8), Souvenir “Berliner Präsent” (Poststraße 4), Swarovski Partner Boutique (Propststr. 4a), Teddy’s (Propststraße 4), Tee Gschwendner (Propststraße 4), Valeri Shoes (Poststraße 13/14), Valeri Strickdesign (Poststraße 13/14)

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