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For Berlin, bears are landmarks and heraldic animals as well as representatives of the capital in many places around the world. But no other place is as suitable as the Nikolaiviertel to present old Berlin flair and special bears. The Nikolaiviertel is the origin of Berlin and is now a popular historic district again. Right in the middle we are greeted by the foundation fountain, crowned by a bear, on every corner there are sculptures of famous old Berlin originals from Heinrich Zille, corner stander Nante to the flower woman and the organ grinder.

But did you know that for Tucholsky “Pinselheinrich” was nothing more than “Berlin’s best”? Einstein’s wife suffered from myopia? Or where did the saying “Prices like Bolle” come from?

With Heinrich Zille through the old Berlin “Milljöh”? Or slip into the role of the “Captain of Köpenick” with Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt? From the Berlin heraldic bear, with which everything began, to the teddy bear that fell, experience history in a charming, bearish way? From the old Berlin shameful arm to the raisin bomber bear, from Old Fritz to J.F. Kennedy (“I’m a Berliner”) – here bears give each other the doorknob.

While the matching teddy bears look over her shoulder, Dr. Ursula Christina Fellberg tells well-known and unknown anecdotes from the lives of these and other famous capital city residents and provides insights into 780 years of Berlin life from 1237 to the present day.

Teddy bears and history, cuddly and historical, world events and personal experience – how does it all go together and is that bearish joie de vivre?

On a stroll through the Nikolaiviertel and neighboring Berlin sights, lovingly collected plush companions meet historical places, photographed with passion for Berlin and joy in design – the teddy bear is always in the foreground and the focus of the action.

Bärlin stays in Berlin!

Enjoy our new Bear Tracks column, which will feature a fortnightly bear story. We start with the heraldic animal, the “Berlin Bear”.

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