“Witch tours” in the Nikolai quarter

16. January 2024

Every city has its own Diagon Alley and in Berlin it is of course located in the Nikolai Quarter – the cradle of the city. This is not only the gateway to history, but also the gateway to magic.

We are delighted that Sonia Navas Sanz, aka Wicca Seku, is now offering her very different kind of city tour in the Nikolai Quarter. After all, it is a place that has countless stories to tell from past centuries – some mysterious, some spooky but always exciting. The 31-year-old from Spain has been living in Germany since 2016 and not only has a passion for our city, but also for all things magical and witchy.

So a witch will tell you first-hand some of the stories that she herself has experienced in the centuries in which she has traveled the world with her magic potions.

Experience the spirit, let yourself be captivated by the magic of Wicca Seku, but also learn historic facts about a time when witchcraft was punishable by law. This is because she not only talks about the magical powers of this place, but also about the role of women in past centuries, the herb witches, healers and the burning of witches.

You will walk places where innocent people were found guilty and tortured until they confessed to crimes that no one could explain at the time.

If you are not afraid of witches, you need not be afraid of ghosts either, because you will visit places inhabited by the spirits that for centuries terrified even the most influential families in Europe, including the Hohenzollerns – the reigning house in Germany until the end of the First World War. Depending on the tour, she also visits one or two tombs with her guests and tells exciting stories from her wealth of knowledge.

The tours are offered in English, Spanish and in German by request. They last around 2 to 2.5 hours, cover a distance of around 2 km and start at St. Nicholas Church. You can find more information, current dates and prices at https://www.ungatoconpasaporte.com

And if the tour has made you curious for more, then shop for incense, oracle cards and other ritual accessories at Amarandel in Rathausstraße or visit magician Lion Badree at Nikolaikirchplatz.