Zum Nussbaum

Am Nussbaum 3 • 10178 Berlin

(030) 2423095

Mon – Sun 12:00 – 22:00

Historic Berlin restaurant in the Nikolai quarter

This place became famous thanks to Heinrich Zille, who was a regular guest here from 1906 and whose “Milljöh sketches” adorned the walls. He was a frequent patron at the rough tables, under the sooty ceiling and the tobacco-stained walls of the “Kuchenhaus”, as visitors called this smoky pub “Zum Nußbaum” in his day.

The original pub was totally destroyed in the night of the bombing on April 28, 1945. Rebuilt in 1981, it is now located on the corner of Propststraße and Am Nußbaum, albeit with a North American walnut tree in front of the door.

The chef serves Berlin specialties, from “Sülze Hausfrauenart” with remoulade sauce to “Boulette à la Meier” and “Vater Zilles Jaumenschmeichler”.